Name email Message Phone Category Other Breed Weight Finish
1 Vana Farms We have 1/4, 1/2 or a whole beef available for sale now.  This is  Nebraska  corn fed Black Angus Beef  or Angus Crosses. The animals we sell are all antibiotic free.  Most 1/4’s will weigh 190-250 lbs., 1/2’s will weigh  380-500 lbs., and a whole beef dressed out will weigh 760-1000 lbs. 402-826-0651 Beef Mostly Black Angus and Angus Crosses. Other breeds and colors are also available. Usually 1300-1600 lbs. live weight.   Can supply just about any weight desired We buy yearlings that have been raised on grass and forages for their first year.  We then finish them on corn, alfalfa and  praire hay that we raise and distillers grains. They are fed for 150-210 days depending on there starting weight and frame size.
2 Rod Christen We are a multi-generational family farm/ranch operation near Steinauer, Nebraska offering grass fed, grass finished beef.  Our beef is home-raised without the use of growth hormones or antibiotics. 402-335-0298 Beef Angus Cross Live weight is 1250 more or less.  Hanging weight will be 750 more or less. 100% grass fed and grass finished
3 Brian Zimmerman Duroc and Hampshire hogs price slightly above current market pricing. 402-520-2575 Pork Duroc and Ham[shire 250 – 300, smaller sizes also available for whole hog roasting Grain finished, no antibiotics.
4 Brian Zimmerman We have been raising Bershire hogs for over 25 years and it’s the preferred pork of the queen of Enbland.  Known for its sweeter flavor.  This particular breed sells at a premium, call me for more information. 402-520-2575 Pork Berkshire 250 – 300, smaller sizes also available for whole hog roasting Grain finished, no antibiotics.
5 Gary Higgins I raise a limited number of Scottish Highland cattle that are grass finished wth no growth hormones or antibiotics.  The meat tends to be leaner due to the length of their winter coat requiring a thiner fat layer to retain heat.  Studies state they are 38% lower in fat and 4% lower in cholesterol than other breeds. 402-450-3572 Beef Scottish Highlander 1200 – 1400 pounds would be the range of the finished weight. Grass finished, no growth hormones or antibiotics.
6 Bob Huenik I finish my hogs in an open lot enviornment.  Pork on general is higher in “heart healthy” monounsarurated fat but dirt or pasture raised hogs have meat that is higher in micronutrients, particularly  fat-soluble vitamins E and D.  The open access to sunlight also makes the meat richer in vitamin D. 402-318-8627 Pork Various breeds Typically 250 – 300 pounds. Grain finished.
7 Tyler Wolken We have raised lambs for over 15 years, we are a fourth generation family farm near Diller, Nebraska that also raises cattle and goats. 402-806-6751 Lambs Hampshire/suffolk/dorset cross 60 – 120 Grain and hay finished

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