When can I plan on picking up the finished product?

Lambs only need to hang a day or two so the majority of your meat would be ready to pick-up the week following the week it is processed.  Call us to schedule lamb processing as we don’t have a day each week where we process them.

Do I need to buy an entire animal?

As you can imagine it’s difficult to offer half an animal.  We would take orders for half a lamb and once we have a complete animal sold we can indeed process and divide the meat accordingly.  You might also ask your family members, neighbors, or friends if they would...

What cuts of meat come from a lamb?

Shoulder Chops Lamb Chops Foreshanks Hindshanks Riblets (Good for Stew) Bone-In Leg Roast (Can be split to make leg steaks) Meaty Neck Slices for Stock or Stew Ground Lamb which can also be made into Sausage (Minimum Amounts...

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