Do I need to bring boxes or coolers when I pick up my meat?

All packaged meats will be frozen solid and kept at temperatures around -10 degrees once frozen it is placed into heavy plastic bags. Bringing coolers or boxes can make handling easier so bring them if you would like. We also can arrange for home delivery if desired...

What if I forget to come and get my meat when it is finished?

Most likely we will be giving you reminders via text, e-mail and voice mail messages.  Customers not picking their meat up within 14 days of the initial notice may be charged an additional storage fee.  Meat left over 60 days will be disposed of or donated to a local...

Do you smoke your own meat?

We have invested in a large smoker unit so, yes, we will be able to smore or cure your hams, pork chops (Windsor Loins), bacon and create a host of slab jerky offerings.

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