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Buy your beef, pork, lamb, or other animal through Pickrell Locker and Smokehouse

People ask us all the time if we have sources for quality processed beef, pork, lamb, goats and other animals.


Yes, We Do!

Here is a list of locally fed and raised animals that we have sellers looking for buyers.

If you are interested in purchasing a whole animal, simply let us know by filling out the form. You will pay the owner for the animal, and PIckrell Locker and Smokehouse for the processing.

If what you are looking for is not listed, let us know using the form below, we may be able to find an animal for you.

Regarding FINISH

For Example: Let us know if your animal is grass finished, anti-biotic free, growth hormone free, grain fed for beef and something similar for pork and other; goats, lamb, buffalo, etc.

Look for a listing of producers seeking buyers for their livestock by clicking here.


Feel free to make a request using the form below,  even if the list does not contain an animal you are seeking.

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