Wild Game Processing

Deer - Elk - Antelope - Wild Boar - Moose

Wild Game Processing


As of 10/26/2021: We are currently NOT processing any wild game at this time. Please check back for future availability & processing dates.

We do not have a regular schedule for butchering wild game.  Best to always call to schedule a day where we can process your animal.

In Season we do:

  • Deer
  • Antelope
  • Elk
  • Moose
  • Wild Boar
  • Call for other animals

Frequently Asked Questions On Deer and Wild Game Processing

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There are minimum requirements for a batch of each item.

All packaged meats will be frozen solid and kept at temperatures around -10 degrees once frozen it is placed into heavy plastic bags. Bringing coolers or boxes can make handling easier so bring them if you would like. We also can arrange for home delivery if desired with fees based on distance from our facility.

The processing fee is pre-determined and different if we take the carcass (field dressed), if you bring us the four quarters or just deboned meat.

Depends on the size of the deer you bring in.

That depends on what you have us do, it can be as simple as cutting the roasts and then grinding the other meat into ground deer and from there the price is dependent on what you want made, we offer things like smoked sausage, linked sausage, slab jerky, snack sticks and then you can add the extras like jalapenos or cheese.

Pickrell Locker offers two options for packaging.  We can vacuum seal your meats or we offer the older more traditional approach of wrapping the meat in plastic and then paper wrapped for things like your roasts and steaks.  Ground meats will be packaged in tubes of the weight you choose at no additional cost.  Your choice at no extra cost.

The easy answer is NO.

  • Roasts
  • Steaks
  • Ground Deer
  • Slab Jerky or Snack Sticks

Most likely we will be giving you reminders via text, e-mail and voice mail messages.  Customers not picking their meat up within 14 days of the initial notice may be charged an additional storage fee.  Meat left over 60 days will be disposed of or donated to a local charitable entity.

We require an animal information sheet for each animal brought to the locker.  It can be found in the “Cut Sheets” link on the Beef and Pork pages. Call us for other animals.

We also need a cut sheet for each animal processed.  Once we have your cut sheet we can use that (assuming you want everything the same) for future animals brought to the locker.

You can print these from our web site, and if necessary, we can assist you in filling out the required information when you deliver your animal to the locker.

Deer typically flood a locker with animals to process and our goal would be 30 – 45 days max before your finished product is ready.


We will receive your deer at the double doors on the south side of the locker, pull through the alley and back up to the double doors that you see.  If the door is locked, knock, if we don’t answer (not always in the kill room) come around through the front door and we will walk to the back to unload your deer.

One of the things we have heard “Loud and Clear” is the majority of hunters want their own deer back.  Unless you ask or OK us to mix with another hunter’s deer (mutually agreed upon) we plan to keep the meat separate.  It takes more time and will cost you a little more but you won’t need to worry if your finished product is from a deer that has been laying in the back of someone’s truck for four days or been wounded and ran for five miles before dropping.

Yes, we will require a $100.00 deposit that will be applied toward your processing costs.  If you go with a very simple processing plan you might get a small refund, most likely you will owe us the balance of your invoice when you pick-up your finished product.

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Call us at 402-673-3480 if you have any questions or use the Contact Us Form by clicking the lInk below.

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